The Digital Innovation Hubs of the EU I4MS network in Italy

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DIH Piemonte

Promoted by Polytechnic of Turin, University of Turin, Mesap and Unione Industriale Torino with focus on advanced laser-based applications and additive manufacturing.

Corso Stati Uniti, 38 – 10128 Torino (Turin), ITALY
phone (+39) 0115718476 email:

Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia

t2i Trasferimento Tecnologico e Innovazione

Consortium for Innovation of Chambers of Commerce Treviso-Belluno, Verona and Venice Rovigo Delta Lagunare, supported by Confindustria Servizi Innovativi e Tecnologici (CSIT) with focus on cloud-based hpc simulation.

Piazza delle Istituzioni 34/a – 31100 Treviso, ITALY – phone (+39) 04221742100 email:

Emilia Romagna


(Smart Manufacturing Innovation & Lean Excellence centre)

SMILE-DIH is promoted by Unione Parmense degli Industriali and University of Parma with focus on Lean Innovation, Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

legal and administrative office: Strada al Ponte Caprazucca, 6/a – 43121 Parma, ITALY
phone (+39) 0521226772 email:
operational headquarters: Campus of University of Parma – Via G.P.Usberti, 181/a – 43124 Parma, ITALY
phone (+39) 0521905861



(Marche innovation Machine and Market Manufacturing 4.0)

4M.0 is promoted by Confindustria Marche – Consulta del Terziario Innovativo e Marche Manufacturing with focus on HPC/robotics.

At Confindustria Marche – Via Filonzi, 11 – 60131 Ancona, ITALY – phone (+39) 0712855111 – fax (+39) 071.2855120 email:



(CPS/IOT Ecosystem of excellence for manufacturing innovation)

CICERO Hub is promoted by Unindustria – Unione degli Industriali e delle imprese Roma, Frosinone, Latina, Rieti, Viterbo with focus on Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) e Internet of Things (IoT).

c/o Unindustria – Unione degli Industriali e delle imprese Roma, Frosinone, Latina, Rieti, Viterbo – Via A. Noale, 206 – 00155 Roma (Rome), ITALY – phone (+39) 06844991 email:


Apulia Manufacturing

(CPS/IoT Hub for Regional Digital Manufacturing SMEs)

Apulia Manufacturing is promoted by Confindustria Bari BAT , Polytechnic of Bari and the Meccatronical district of Puglia with focus on Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) e Internet of Things (IoT).

At Confindustria Bari e Barletta-Andria-Trani – Via Amendola 172/5 – 70126 Bari, ITALY – phone (+39) 0805467712 – fax (+39) 0805467788 – email:


Confindustria Servizi Innovativi e Tecnologici

Via Barberini, 3 – 00187 Roma, ITALY
phone (+39) 0642020950 / (+39) 0642016386 – email: